Terms and conditions

1. Definitsions

1.1. Sexytallinn.com is a first domain website.
Sexytallinn.com is an adult advertising website. The allowed advertisements are either dating service advertisements(for example escort or sponsorship) from woman or advertisements for erotic massage salons.
1.2.user — a natural person or a juridical person, who uses sexytallinn.com as an advertising channel, adds or views the advertisements.
1.4.service — service provided by sexytallinncom i.e adding an advertisement on sexytallinn.com, viewing or reading advertisements on our portal
1.5.prices – the cost of adding an advertisement on sexytallinn.com portal. The prices are included in the terms of use agreement
1.6.terms of use — the terms of viewing,adding or using sexytallinn.com
1.7 sexytallinn.com administration does not have any connection with the advertisers or is not responsible for their behaviour or the content of the advertisements. All illegal
Advertisements will be deleted and forwarded to police if neccessary.
1.8 all adds involvng underage persons are removed. Sexytallinn.com does not tolerate human trafficking or underage adult content.

2. Sexytallinn responsibility, liberties and obligatsions

2.1.sexytallinn.com is not responsible for the actions, content, information, services, quality, legality or safety of the advertisements. The user is responsible for the legality and content published on sexytallinn.com domain.
2.2 sexytallinn takes no responsibility for any content on this website and has no connection with the activities of the advertisers.
2.2.sexytallinn does not take responsibility in any dispute among the users including legal disputes, lawsuits or claims.
2.3.sexytallinn is not responsible for any damages which are caused by the users, nor are we responsible for any loss of income.
2.4.sexytallinn has the right to delete, change, or remove users advertisements without leting the user know.
2.5 sexytallinn has the right to collect statistical data that is added to the portal by the user of the service, view the inserted advertisements and handle customer data.
2.6 sexytallinn has the right to stop the service without leting the customer know.
2.7 sexytallinn has the right to send information about the service via e-mail
2.8 sexytallinn is not responsible for illegal advertisements
2.9 sexytallinn is not responsible for the information published by the users, the correctness of the information. Sexyriga has no connection with the activities of the users and advertisement publishers.

3. User responsibility, liberties and obligatsions

3.1.user is responsible for publishing false information, also for information that is against estonian or latvian law.
3.3. User has the right to use sexyriga advertising services. (to publish advertisements on our website)
3.4. User agrees to use our website according the the terms of use provided in this document, best practices and by the current existing laws governd by latvia.
3.5. User agrees to take responsibility for the information published on sexytallinn
User is responsible for the legality, content, quality and the rightness of the published information.
3.10. User is obligated to give the content ownership of his/her advertissement on sexytallinn.com to our non-exclusive posession.
3.11 user is obligated not to harm sexytallinn.com website/infrastructure by any way. User is not allowed to use any automated programs or services.

4.Terms of service

4.1 the user must be at least 18 years old to use our website
4.2 by publishing an advertisement on sexyriga.com the user takes full responsibility for the legality, content, truthfullness of the information.
4.3 the user must follow the laws by estonian governent
4.4 the service provider does not guarantee privacy for the advertiser
4.5 the advertisement can either be personal ad, dating add or adult advertisement from erotic massage salons.
4.6 the service provider does not check the truthfulness of the information.
4.7 the information(also pictures, numbers) published by the user can not be in violation with estonian law
4.8 the service provider is a 3rd party in regards to paying for the advertisements
4.9 the service provider uses 3rd party sms gateway billing in order to collect money from the advertisements.
4.10 to use the service user will pay a fee for publishing an advertisement by sending an sms to number 13017 or 13018. The cost of advertising is either 3.2 eur for regular advertisement (7 days)  or 5 eur for vip advertisement (3 days the advertisement will be shown in VIP box + extra 4 days of regular advertisement ;
4.11 the cost is added to the users mobile bill according to the terms between user and his/her mobile operator.
(14) the cost for advertising is taken each time no mather the content of the sms.
(15) the payd fee for advertising is non-refundable